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What Residents Should Do After A Bicycle Accident In Atlanta, GA

Bicycle Accident In Atlanta

Overall, Georgia is considered among the most bicycle-friendly states in the country, with its most populous city Atlanta featuring several miles of bike lanes for residents to enjoy.

This fantastic city, also the glorious state capital, is home to over four hundred and ninety-eight thousand people, most of whom prefer traveling by bicycle.

Unfortunately, although the city keeps making efforts to protect bicyclists, traffic accidents are inevitable in many instances. However, resident cyclists can hire a bicycle accident lawyer in Atlanta to help file a compensation claim.

These local legal experts have immense knowledge of Georgia laws, knowing how to proceed with a specific case to ensure their clients receive a positive outcome.

New residents or those new to bicycling will find the following information beneficial, helping them understand what they must do in the event of an accident.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

A government study showed that sixty-five percent of bicyclists feel unsafe primarily due to the speed of the other drivers. When you combine this with recklessness and rash behavior, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Regardless of the cause, it is imperative to get medical attention immediately if you are in a crash, even if you feel like you haven’t sustained any major injuries. That’s because even a minor concussion can often lead to dire consequences, such as brain damage, if neglected.

So, call for an ambulance and seek medical help immediately. Alternatively, if you have friends or family members who can drive you to the hospital, ask them to do so. If there are others involved in the accident, such as another bicyclist, ensure they receive medical attention as well.

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Get The Police Involved

Accidents can be unavoidable even when you are extra careful, especially when driving in crash-prone areas like Piedmont Road, Howell Mill Road, and DeKalb Avenue.

It is imperative to get the police involved if you are involved in a crash, as it can testify to your responsible nature as a resident. They will investigate and find the vehicle driver accountable for the impact even if the accused has fled the scene.

Take Pictures Of The Accident Site

Take Pictures Of The Accident Site

Although statistics show that over two hundred and thirty pedestrians and twenty-one bicyclists sustained fatal wounds in vehicle-related crashes in Georgia in 2019, there can be other reasons for the accident.

For instance, two bicyclists may collide, or one might crash into a pedestrian. Often, the cause is unsafe road conditions, and the government can be held liable for this.

Therefore, taking pictures of the crash site is crucial as it can prove the driver’s negligence caused your injuries or another cause. You can use these photos to collect evidence if you pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

A reputable attorney can use these images, witness statements, police records, medical data, and other details to ensure you receive fair compensation for your troubles.

Hire An Atlanta Bicycle Lawyer

Hire An Atlanta Bicycle Lawyer

Hiring an experienced bicycle accident lawyer in Atlanta is a wise choice, as these professionals have unmatched expertise in this specific field. Also, they have in-depth knowledge of Georgia bike laws and can use this to get their clients fair compensation.

For instance, state laws demand that resident drivers maintain a distance of approximately three feet from bicyclists and give them way in bike lanes. Any driver who breaks these mandatory rules can be cited and held responsible for causing a crash.

Ordinary folks need to gain this knowledge of state laws and cannot represent themselves in the local court as efficiently as local legal experts. Moreover, bicycle attorneys employ excellent negotiation tactics to ensure that insurance companies do not back out of paying a genuine claim.

They can file a claim within the permissible two-year limit and seek compensation for your lost wages, adversely affected earning capacity, and costs for replacing or repairing your damaged property.

Invariably, hiring an Atlanta bicycle lawyer can be among the most prudent decisions city residents can make.

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