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Is It Better To Settle Or Go To Trial?


The settlement process includes the testimony of witnesses, video and photographic evidence, medical reports, collecting and reviewing the evidence, and lots more.

A law firm will help you get your compensation without going to trials in the courts.

Let us discuss whether settling or going for the trial is better.

Pros Of The Settlement Process

  • Settlement is a much quicker process compared to trial. It takes 3 to 6 months to complete the settlement process, whereas trials take double the time.
  • You remain in the driver’s seat and may disagree with the settlement offers. You and your injury attorney are free to negotiate for better offers. In trials, you must accept what the jury or judge offers you.
 Settlement Process

Cons Of The Settlement Process

  • When you are going for a settlement, you are more likely to settle for less money than the court trials. Your attorney is a good person to suggest whether going for the trial is worthier or the settlement is.
  • Settlement is a permanent process. Even if your injury deteriorates, and you need more money for the treatment, once a settlement is done, you will not be able to negotiate anymore. An attorney from a reputed law firm will help you determine which will be good, depending on your situation.
Settlement Process

Pros Of A Trial

  • You have the opportunity to obtain more compensation if you are going for a trial instead of a settlement. For example, a jury may offer more money for suffering and pain, but the insurance companies try to minimize your treatment expenses.
  • When you win a trial, it provides you with the peace of mind of gaining justice. In the settlement, the defendant need not feel guilty or apologize at any point in time.
Pros Of A Trial

Cons of the Trial

  • Trials are an expensive and time-consuming process. The trials generally take more than a year for the settlement. The court costs and the lawyer fees need to be continued for a more extended period; therefore, the process becomes much more expensive.
  • You may take your case to trial while building up the expenses and finally lose the battle. You will not get a single penny when you lose, and your court bills have already been raised to thousands of dollars.
Cons of the Trial

In some situations, your law firm may suggest going for a trial. When your lawyer guesses that you have a valuable case and have a high chance of winning, they suggest you go for the trial. Your insurance companies will need to provide you with reasonable settlement offers.

Your case may value much more than you are planning to settle with. The trial is a time-consuming and risky process, you need not settle for less money when your case is valuable.


Depending on your situation, your attorney will be a good person to guide you on which process will be better. Though you may have to settle for less amount through settlement, it takes place in a brief period. On the other hand, when you want to win the battle and look for justice, it will take more than a year.


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