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What Were The Strengths Of Constitution vs. Articles Of Confederation?

confederation vs constitution

The articles of confederation vs constitution have been one of the arguments that have been around for such a long period of time.  There has been so much confusion about and around this matter which has not been clearly dealt with.  As such, it has become essential to try and bring out a clear difference between these two.  

Doing so will enable anyone who has an interest in this area to gain more insight into this essential matter.  This is exactly what informs this discussion, the text takes into account the whole concept of articles of confederation vs constitution.  As you read this article, you will be able to understand exactly what articles of confederation vs constitution for a much different idea on the same.  

Top differences between articles of confederation vs constitution 

Many people have heard all about the famous US constitution and how successful it has been in the last centuries.  However, not so many people know the genesis of this constitution and how it came to be.  The history of the American constitution is one with a long history having started back in the year 1777 to now.  

However, even in this case, there is still a huge information deficit on this issue, very essential.  People who hear about the articles of confederation still do not so much about this which is very important to look into.  In a nutshell, it is right to say that the articles of confederation are largely regarded as the first American constitution.  

These articles were drafted back in the year 1777 and were then sent to the 13 US states for consideration.  In the year 1777 and more precisely the month of November congress made a point of presenting these articles to the states for consideration.  Two days after the introduction, the articles of confederation were approved by congress.  

The approval of these articles on the other hand was not that easy. For this agreement to be reached it took a lot of discussions in congress. The shaping of this article was at the vocal wartime of the confederation’s states. During this time, there was an amazingly constrained focal government in place 

The confederation 

As said in the text above, the article of confederation was actually the primary US constitution source.  These articles set the laws as well the government and how it was going to run, very essential.  Even though the articles of confederation were there from 1776, they came into being in the year 1777.  

This came after a correction was made to it in the year 1776 especially on the issue of mainland congress. The creation of these articles went on and was finished later that year by the administrative body.  The body accepted to have a comprehension with a powerful alliance as well as the opportunity of the new notion.  

The confederation as it was during this time comprised 13 states which all formed the confederation.  This confederation is what now came to be known as the United States of America.  After that, Congress could then demand an expert from the state government in the settling of open obligations.  

Upon increased demand, 12 states endorsed the confederation except for the state of Rhode Island.  This refusal by Rhode Island is what now led to the destruction of the application.  Even after that, congress continued to obtain more reserves and even offered western land with the view of helping raise more assets.  

The constitution 

Having talked about the articles of confederation it is also fair to shade more light on the constitution.  For the purposes of the articles of confederation vs constitution debate, it is important to look into the issue of the constitution as well.  

The constitution, unlike the articles of confederation, gives more power to congress.  In this kind of setting, the states were at liberty to stay with their self-rule government forces and the sway as well.  Other than that, they also had the authority and the option of the administration of these powers.  

This is perhaps the greatest difference between the Articles of confederation vs constitution.  The confederation as it were as of that time did not mention whether the United States of America was an administration or even a state.  The confederation did give a very different view of the states.  They referred to these states as gatherings of companions which were joined by a typical intrigue that protected their own freedoms.  

Articles of the confederation vs constitution 

Having looked at the articles of confederation and the constitution it is now time to put these two up against each other. For these purposes of the articles of confederation vs constitution, it is important to mention some things and factors in this regard.  Doing so will help to bring out some underlying differences between these two documents.  

There has been a general opinion and belief among many people that the articles of confederation vs constitution are a case of the weak vs strong.  Even though this is not a popular opinion among many people, still some people look at it from this angle.  

That said, there are some things that make differences between these two forms of governance.  For instance, when it comes to the issue of federal courts, there are some differences between these two.  For instance, the articles of confederation do not offer a system of federal courts.  On the other hand, the constitution allows for the creation of courts to deal with issues between states and citizens.  

The other big difference that came in between these two was the matter of levying taxes.  In this case, also laid a bigger difference.  For instance, in the articles of the confederation, Congress could request the states to pay taxes.  On the other hand, the constitution allowed congress an opportunity and right to levy taxes right on individuals.  


The articles of confederation vs constitution is a debate that has been around for so long.  This topic has been there for debate by many people over a long period of time now.  Many of the people who find interest in this matter seek to know which one of these two documents is the mightiest.

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