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4 Apps That Every Law Student Must Download

Apps That Every Law Student Must Download

The law can be defined as a set of rules developed and imposed by any governmental institution to maintain a standard of conduct. A law helps a nation or community maintain peace and enforce justice against those who violate other people’s rights. Therefore, the law is defined as the science and art of justice. It acts as a medium of people’s relations and gives shape to history, economics, society, and politics.

Law is an academic field that dates back thousands of years and offers great career prospects. Studying law is for some people a way to uphold justice; however, the law isn’t just about lawyers or the courtroom as it affects the entire world. In addition to protecting life and liberty, law graduates are capable of handling a wide range of important professional roles in various fields.

Studying law has countless benefits and reasons. The first benefit is financial stability. While getting a law degree doesn’t guarantee you’ll be successful or rich immediately, it comes close.

Professional qualifications allow you to enjoy a higher salary and more job security than those without them. Apart from that, students who study law gain an understanding of both sides of complex situations or problems and can develop the best solutions through strong reasoning and critical thinking.

You may be motivated by a sense of justice and wish to make the system more effective. Ultimately, you can make that significant change by studying law and gaining the legal education and qualification you need. So, if you are team Law, we have a few apps that will help you along your journey.

The only thing you will have to take care of for now is reliable and high-speed internet. You will not only need it to download these apps but also to Google stuff every now and then because a law degree requires a lot of reading and research.  A spectrum internet connection is a great option if you are already looking for suggestions. The rates are affordable, and the speed tiers are just excellent.

Details About 4 Apps That Every Law Student Must Download

On that note, let us get to these apps:



If you want to take notes and use them to work, you need an app that runs on all your devices and has a browser version, too. Over the years, Evernote has taken its fair share of flak for raising prices, gutting its free version, and failing to address major concerns voiced by power users.

The advanced features of Evernote include optical character recognition (OCR), document scanning, and team management tools for keeping track of notes, individual attachments, and deadlines for the entire team.

Black’s Law Dictionary

You know how difficult it is to remember complicated legal terms if you’re a law student. There’s no need to worry! You can help yourself when you are in such a situation by downloading Black’s Law Dictionary, one of the best law students’ apps.

With over 50,000 terms, plus over 16,000 new definitions, this is one of the best law apps. Aside from audio pronunciations, the program includes hundreds of legal articles, law journals, and legal maxims.



It may seem that a law student with a busy schedule would not benefit from Headspace. Take a second look, however. A guided meditation session of 10 minutes is available with Headspace to teach users how to meditate. The benefits of meditation include improved focus and a decreased level of stress and anxiety.

The importance of wellness during law school cannot be overstated. During this time, you’re likely to be stressed out, and meditation can help make it all a little easier. In addition to meditations for sleep, you can also listen to music, and nature sounds, or listen to a story cast before bed. Depending on your schedule and preferences, Headspace will also create a tailored plan for you.

Law Dojo 

There are 12 different categories of quizzes in this app for lawyers, including local driving and real estate laws. For all aspiring legal experts, this app will make boring legal terminology and case law interesting.

Different levels are available in every game, with points and statistics to help you improve. Aside from that, the app is free of charge. For those preparing for law school entrance exams, there is the LSAT vocabulary test, and for those interested in law school, there is Law School Bootcamp.

Wrapping Up

Students can use these apps to help them with every aspect of their legal journey, from the classroom to the exam hall to their professional lives. Stay tuned for more helpful resources for law students!

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