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Apple to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Apple Pay

Apple to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Apple Pay

Apple, the Tech Giant, is facing a private antitrust lawsuit. The lawsuit in question is from multiple payment card issuers who have suffered due to the company’s anticompetitive practices. 

These complaints of anti-trust practices are against the Apple Pay mobile wallet. 

Judge Jeffrey White was the judge dealing with the case. The U.S. District Judge’s ruling states that the plaintiffs will be given the opportunity to prove that Apple stands in clear violation of the federal antitrust laws

These consumers have to prove that the tech giant holds a 100% monopoly over the domestic market. The lawsuit was regarding Apple’s tap-and-pay wallets used on iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.

Apple has headquarters in Cupertino, California. The lawsuit has its base in Oakland, California. It states that Apple carried out “tying” practices. Tying means forcing buyers who use iOS devices to use Apple Pay exclusively. The tech giant apparently made it difficult for users to use competing wallet services. 

Steve Berman is the attorney whom the plaintiffs have hired to represent them in the antitrust lawsuit. Both the attorney and clients seem to be satisfied with the ruling. They have stated that they were “happy with this ruling. There are billions at stake, so getting by the motion (to dismiss) largely intact was huge for the class.” 

This proposed class action lawsuit is primarily spearheaded by the Consumers of the Co-op Credit Union in Illinois, Affinity Credit Union, and Green State Credit Union in Iowa.

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