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Affordable Care Act- Can Christian Beliefs Stand In The Way Of Abortion Providers: Court Rules

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act mandates that all citizens of the United States be given access to proper medical care, which also includes medical attention in cases of abortion and gender reassignment procedures.

A Federal Court of Appeals upholds a decision delivered by a federal court of Texas that stated a sect or a group of medical care providers can be excluded from the provisions under the Affordable Care Act.

Justice Reed O’Connor, who serves as a District Judge in Wichita, Texas, had earlier delivered a judgment that consisted of a permanent injunction.

The permanent injunction ensured that religious health institutions not be forced to provide abortion and gender transformation care under the Affordable Care Act as it goes against their beliefs. 

This very ruling was upheld by another federal court of appeals.

The judgment came after Indiana and Illinois-based “Franciscan Alliance’, which is a catholic chain of hospitals, along with the Christian Medical and Dental Associations which has around 19000 members across the US, filed a suit. 

Such a suit was designed to block the ACA led by the Biden administration from enforcing the provisions of the Act to provide abortion and gender transformation services as a part of medical treatment. 

The Christian Associations seem happy with the judgment. They have stated that medical professionals can not work ethically without state interference or coercion.

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