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What Is Administrative Law? A Beginners Guide

administrative law

What is administrative law for the people who are interested? Well, it might look to you like this is a big deal until you realize that this issue is such a big problem to some people. That said, it is only right that someone comes up with proper information regarding this issue.

If you are a Lawyer, for instance, you might find interest in knowing exactly what administrative law is. There has been so much information about and around this issue for some time now. For the people who are interested, it is only right that proper information comes out around this issue.

This is exactly what this discussion is all about. The article takes a look at what exactly administrative law is. It is essential to understand that administrative law varies from one country to the other from various parts of the world. In this article, much of the focus will be directed towards the administrative laws in the USA.

It also should be noted that the administrative law in the USA is not so different from the parts of the world. This means the basics of administrative law are pretty much the same. That said, it is now time to look into what administrative law is and look at some other essential things about the same.

Administrative law 

The notes of the administrative law state that this is a branch of public law that is mainly concerned with procedures. These procedures could include rules as well as government agencies. Administrative law in many cases deals with administrative agencies like decision-making capabilities and others. One perfect example is the operation as well as regulation of social security administration.  

In a nutshell, it can be said that administrative law is that branch of law that is somehow nebulous. This law is created to specifically deal with a large government array program. The administrative law systems in many places govern agencies as well as commissions and boards.  

In many cases, the public interacts with the administrative law when there is some kind of public benefit. In case these benefits are denied intentionally then public law might come into effect. One perfect example of such a case is when the government strips a family of their stamp benefits.  

In such a case, the family might have to seek the services of an administrative lawyer. There are also other cases where administration comes into play which includes Labor commissions, unemployment commissions, and others.  

Administrative Agencies 

To understand the scope of administrative law, you need to look deeper into the whole concept of administrative agencies. These agencies are also known as regulatory agencies in some parts of the world. The administrative agencies from all over the world operate in cities counties, states as well as federal levels.  

These agencies have powers to authorize benefits, offer licenses, investigate licenses among other functions. The administrative agencies in many cases draw their powers from the government of the day. Therefore, it is right to say that administrative agencies are charged with the role of making sure that public civil rights are protected.  

The Administrative Law Judges

Of course, for the administrative law to work there has to be proper implementation of the laws. To make sure there is an ease in the manner in which the administrative law is administered administrative law judges are trusted with this role. The role of these judges is to make sure that cases regarding this law are heard and determined in the right way.  

The administrative law judges like the other types of judges have powers that go way beyond just listening to disputes. For instance, these judges have the power of administering oaths apart from their primary mandate.  The appointment of these judges is also not so different from that of the other judges. 

Many of them are appointed based on merit. Before their appointment, they undertake an examination where scores are made at the end of it. Those judges that make the cut are normally selected while those that do not are left out. Promotion to the next level is also on these grounds as well, the appointing authority is charged with the responsibility of making sure that there are proper administrative law judges in place.

Administrative Courts 

Most of the administrative law cases are heard in administrative courts except in some exceptional cases. Every state in the US comes with a good number of administrative courts that are tasked with the role of listening to cases coming from these areas. Therefore, if you have an administrative case the right place for you to go will be to an administrative law court.

Here you will be met by some of the best judges who will handle your case. If you feel that your case is weighty then you can look for an administrative law lawyer to help you out. There are quite a number of these lawyers that you can contact if you need help in this regard.  

These lawyers might also charge differently depending on the extent of the case and how long it lasts. If the case is likely to last longer then these lawyers might charge you a higher fee for the same. All that said, if you would like to have your case dealt with in the right way and expedited then these are the Lawyers you need to get in touch with.  

These Lawyers will help you to work on your case and complete it within the right period of time. If you need justice out of it then you will be able to get that at the end of the whole case. They are the best way you can use to get administrative law justice. 


There are so many administrative law notes out there about this kind of law. The text above contains some information about this kind of law which you can read in case you are interested in this kind of law. With the high application of administrative law, you never know when you will need it in life. That is why it is good to know how it works. 

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