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Adjudication Withheld Law And Legal Definition

adjudication withheld

Adjudication withheld is one of the things which have been bothering people to know what they are. With so many details about this terminology and how it applies in various places, the people interested have found themselves confused even more. As such, it has become essential to provide adequate information about this phrase, how it applies, and other details about the same.  

This is what you find in this text. It offers you a comprehensive analysis of adjudication withheld and what else you need to know about the same. The text is going to provide you with all the details you need in this regard and any other information about the same as well. 

Let’s have a look first at what adjudication withheld meaning is.

What Is Adjudication Withheld

What Is Adjudication Withheld? 

The best place to start with this discussion is through the definition of what adjudication withheld is. With this definition people define adjudication withheld. Adjudication withheld refers to a court decision by any judge to put a person on probation without the adjudication guilt. This simply means that a person has not been found guilty of any offense by a court of law. 

A withhold of adjudication means the court decides to withhold the conviction.  That does not mean anything related to the trusts. Every document related to the case will be documented in your record. And you can be found guilty, or your jury can plead guilty.

If a person is able to complete the probation period without any severe offenses following up after that, then there might be no action following afterward. In fact, even the offense for which one gets granted an adjudication is withheld. 

However, if a person fails to complete the terms of the probation, then chances are, they might be found to be guilty and might even be sentenced depending on the terms of the offense. So now you know what the meaning of adjudication is withheld. But how does this command affect your case?

Is Adjudication Withheld Mean Your Case Has Been Terminated?  

Do you have an idea of what adjudication withheld is and how it works?  However, that is not all about adjudication withheld. There are other details about the same as well. The fact is that there have been so many questions that are flying around about adjudication withheld. That means that so much information in this regard is required.  

Adjudication Withheld Does Not Support Your Case Termination

One of the things which need to be answered is whether adjudication withheld constitutes a termination of a case or not. Some people referring to the description above tend to think that adjudication withheld means their case has been dismissed. However, that is not the case, and you better be informed about this as you seek to understand adjudication withheld even better and further.  

  • When you are granted adjudication withheld, then that does not mean that your case has been dismissed. 
  • It only means that the defendant has pleaded guilty or sometimes not contested the charges or was even found guilty by the jury. Again, that does not mean that the case has been dismissed nor the underlying charges have been dropped. That is not the case. 
  • In such a case, the defendant pleaded guilty, or there was not just enough evidence that would lead to a severe finding. As such, the judge might find it useful to put a defendant on an adjudication withheld. However, there are cases where and when the adjudication is withheld or might be terminated depending on its terms.  

Probation And Adjudication Withheld Relation

Some people interpret probation to mean that someone has not been sentenced. However, that is not the case. When a defendant has been put on adjudication withheld, then it basically means that one has been sentenced to a probation term. 

This way, for the defendant to be released, then he or she has to complete their probation as per the agreed terms.  

If the terms of the probation are violated, then that will automatically lead to the cancellation of the probation. 

On top of that, they will also risk facing an official judgment, or they might actually meet a criminal record at the end of the day. This is why it is essential to say that the adjudication withheld probation is a way of sentencing.  

As a matter of fact, there have been many cases in the past when some people violated the terms of their adjudication withheld and ended up getting convicted in the end. In cases similar to this, one official offense is always preferred by the people convicted.  

4 Advantages Of Having Benefits Of A Withhold Of Adjudication

The meaning of adjudication withheld is you are not entirely found guilty or free from the case. The court is giving the order to revise all the case-related documents and present more proof to strengthen your case. And this also does not mean that your case is in the termination stage.

Here are four advantages of getting the adjudication withheld from the court.

1. Your Employment Opportunities:

You are right in the middle of the case court is ordering the adjudication withheld. That means you are entirely convicted for the crime. So you can continue your work. 

That is the biggest advantage of getting the withheld adjudication order. But that also does not mean that you are entirely from your case.

2. Civil Rights Like Other Citizens:

As your case is in a felony state, nobody can call you a culprit. So no one can withdraw the regular civil rights from you. 

You can freely travel to any place. Even your common citizen rights are not also drawn from you. You can go to any site and continue your regular work.

3. Chance To Seal The Crime Proof:

Yes, this is an excellent opportunity for criminals. They can go and finish all the remaining proof of their crimes. Does this sound like a Hollywood movie? But that is true. 

These types of breaks are proving deadly for the murder or any savior cases. Some of the criminals even win the case after this break. as they can find all the remaining proof of their crimes.

4. Collateral Consequence Avoiding: 

Some of the adjudication withheld are associated with withdrawal of the regular work. For example, in many murder cases, when the court is ordering for the withheld adjunctions order. 

The suspects are not allowed to leave the city or the country. And for making sure, the court calls to suspend your driving license or suspend the passport. But these are for severe crimes. For not-so-serious cases, the terms are not strict. Even many people do not attend the courtroom after the adjudications withholdings.

Are There Any Differences Between A Conviction And The Adjudication Withheld? 

To understand the differences between a conviction and an adjudication entirely withheld, there are some things you need to know. In essence, an adjudication withheld is not a conviction or does not mean that. However, you need to know some factors and elements that are helping to treat a sentence in some cases.  

If a judge chooses to grant an adjudication withheld, the defendant will not undergo an official conviction on their own criminal record. This outcome is so beneficial in so many ways. For instance, it relieves an individual from facing the consequences of a criminal conviction.  

Even though an adjudication withheld might offer some sort of relief, there are some cases where this probation or kind of sentencing might be canceled. For instance, if an individual is found with another offense, the existing withhold can be considered as a conviction as the determination of the case to be imposed is considered.  

When Can An Adjudication Be Withheld?

In Florida statutes 948.01{2} a judge reserves the discretion of a defendant guilty person or withhold adjudication. However, adjudication does not apply to all felonies as there are some exceptions in these cases. For instance, capital felonies, first-degree felonies, and life felonies do not grant a withhold adjudication. 

How long does adjudication withheld stay on record? Every country has separate rules for this. For example, in Florida, withhold adjudication will be in the history of the person’s record forever until the court order seals the withhold.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adjudication Withheld

1. During Adjudication, Withheld Gun Buying Is Allowed In FL?

If the court is founding that the order is from the Circuit Court. The felon can possess a firearm when they are withholding adjudication. But laws keep changing, so before buying, a gun, take a look at the present laws related to weapons and guns.

2. Does The Adjudication Withheld Show Background Check Record In Florida?

You are not technically a convicted person when you are getting the adjudication withheld. After the arrest, only the criminal records show up in the background check. So there is no chance of showing up a trace of the criminal records in the person’s background check.

3. In Florida, Adjudication Withheld Means Something Different?

In Florida, judges have the ability to withhold adjudication for certain types of offenses. Hence in Florida, the adjudications mean you are not a convicted person even if you are a guilty person.


The number of people who have been asking if adjudication withheld a conviction has gone high in recent days. The text above offers you all the information you need in this case and any other things you might need to know as well.  

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